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The Rashtriya Indian Military College is a 'Nursery of Leadership' for institutions like National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, Officers' Training Academy, Chennai, and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. The College provides Public School education to young boys in the age group of 11½ to 18 years, specially selected through an All India Competitive Examination.

A dedicated feeder to the National Defence Academy (NDA) and the Naval Academy (NAVAC), the College aims to send maximum Boys to the NDA/NAVAC. Hence it lays utmost emphasis on complete education and all round personality development of the cadets. However, if the cadet is unable to join the NDA due to rare or unavoidable reasons, he attains the requisite proficiency to go on and do well in any field that he so chooses. There have been a bevy of cadets who have gone on to become bureaucrats, lawyers, engineers, coporate leaders, captains of Industry and journalists, holding the RIMC Flag aloft in all the endeavours they chose to pursue.