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Sainik School

The concept of  Sainik Schools was originated in the visionary mind of V.K. Krishna Menon the then defence minister of India in the year 1961. Sainik Schools are located in various parts of the country & there is a growing demand from many States to open new Sainik  Schools.

The main objectives of Sainik Schools include bringing quality Public School education within the reach of common man, all-round development of a child’s personality in order to prepare him for entry into National Defence Academy and to remove regional imbalance in the officer’s cadre of the Armed Forces & the other objective is to promote Sainik school is to explode the myth of martial race and demolish the caste foundations of our army units, and to create a new India with an army of national pride. Currently, the list of Sainik Schools in India includes total of 33 schools along with some proposed Sainik Schools in various states of India.